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El Pieces teach you to "Wash the bath" to the airflow crusher

  The application of ultrafine pulverization technology, process, equipment and testing means of airflow mills will play significant role in improving the added value of agricultural products, and the ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will be widely used. In the integrated processing and utilization of agricultural and sideline products, improving the rate, and turning waste into treasure, crushing technology, especially ultra-fine pulverization, will be used in the land, such as instant fruit powder, vegetables, tea, whole powder, whole egg powder, Eggshell powder, dietary fiber crystal powder (bean residue, slag, rosacea, vegetable slag, sugar canesess, beet slag, rice, skin, etc.) , Ginkgo blurs, etc.), ultra-fine silkworm silk powder (used as protein food and cosmetics), seashell powder, shrimp crab shell powder, etc.Everyone knows that the clothes are dirty, and the face is also washed, and the dirty goal is not facial, and though we can't go out, but it also needs to be cleaned. It is dirty, it has a beautiful effect. Not very important, it is possible to affect its efficiency, I believe this is not everyone wants to see, while maintaining and maintenance is one of the conditions that guarantees its service life, then

  airflow mill Cleaning, so do you know? I believe that some common simple cleaning methods know that today mainly tells the replacement variety cleaning, and requires the removal of the machine for cleaning, the removal steps are as follows:

  1. Cleaning in the crushing chamber

  (1) Remove the pulverization chamber to the connecting pipe of the cyclone collector.

  (2) Loosen the hanging neck screw that connects the hierarchometer and the hierarchy housing.

  (3) When the machine head is started on the control cabinet, the changing machine head is slowly opened.

  (4) Open the cover under the pulverization room.

  (5) Rinse the components with a high pressure water gun.

  (6) After the cleaning is completed, start the machine head on the control cabinet, and slowly dropped.

  2. Cleaning

  (1) Demolition of the Cyclone Collector

  (1) Remove the cyclone collector and the connection pipe of the isolated collector

  (2) Removal of the inner pipeline in the cyclone

  (3 Open the butterfly valve

  (4) below the cyclonic collector to flush the components with a high pressure water gun.

  3. Cleaning

  (1) of the Isolated Collector

  (2) Removing the cyclone collector with the connection pipe of the isolated collector

  (2) Remove the isolation collector bag.

  (3) Open the butterfly valve below the cyclone.

  (4) Rinse the components with a high pressure water gun. The details of the airflow crusher are really not simple. I don't know if everyone has learned. If you learn, you will go to your airflow crusher "to wash the bath". As an advocate of energy-saving and environmental protection technology, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology is entering the new era in product development, corporate culture, and contribution to global society. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of Shandong AlPa Powder Technology, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has established close cooperative relations with customers. Shandong AlPa Powder Technology Sales Network is overwriting the whole country, but also sells world trends, based on industry trend change and channel change needs, Shandong ALPA powder technology divides sales operations into three major blocks, namely: operator channels , E-commerce and traditional channels of three parallel operations, e-commerce as an enterprise new entry point, using different sales strategies to support forward.