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8 major advantages of airflow classifiers Do you know?

  With the emphasis on gas flow grinding, the demand continued to expand, and the number of gas flow grinding production companies in my country has increased. In 2019, my country's airflow grinding industry, the market share of the market, mainly has Shandong Alpa, NTH, Mianyang Energy, Jiangsu Miki, Kichuan Mikran. Most of these enterprises have no difference. Compared with 2018, new entries and exit rankings have existence. This shows that my country's gas flow grinding industry pattern has a large change possibility.Airflow classifier is used as high-end products in ultrafine powder equipment, and has been widely used in multiple industries. The airflow classifier is usually the material to divide the ultrafine powder into a different granular stage as required, so that the material is more applying value. Then

  How is the advantage of airflow classifier? After the summary of the El Pai Xiaobian, it will be introduced by one by one.

  Airflow classifier is a set of grading systems for airflow classification equipment, grading machine and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airformat. The material is moved from the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the bottom of the strata, and the crude material is separated, and the fine particles required by the particle size are separated, and fine particles required for the particle diameter requirements are graded by fractionation. The wheel blade gap is collected into the cyclone separator or the dust collector. The thickness of the crude particles is partially disappeared. The roughness of the secondary wind is removed, and the thickness of the thickness is separated, fine The particles rise to the secondary grade of the graded area, and the crude particles are dropped to the unloading port. The advantages of the airflow classifier are:

  1. Suitable for fine grading, graded spherical, sheet-like, and irregular shaped particles, can also be graded for particles of different densities.

  2. The grade grade of grading can reach D97: 3 ~ 150 microns, and the product particle size is not adjustable, and the variety replacement is extremely convenient.

  3. The grading efficiency (extraction rate) is 60% to 90%, the grading efficiency is related to the material properties and the particle size of the particle size. The particle content of the material is good, the particle size requirements are high, the efficiency is high, and the effect is low. .

  4. The hierarchical rotation speed is high and the vertex cut is accurate.

  5. A multi-level classifier is used in series, while producing a plurality of particle size sections.

  6. Can be with a ball mill, Vibration grinding, Raymond mill and other polishing equipment are used in series to form a closed circuit loop.

  7. The control system uses program control, and the operation status is displayed in real time, and the operation is easy.

  8. The system is negative pressure, and the dust emissions are 40mg / m. After silence measures, the equipment operates noise is not higher than 75dB (a).

  The above is the advantage of the airflow classifier, do you understand?

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