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Laboratory small airflow pulverizer implements "low carbon economy"

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance. This composite plate is less than 30% to 50% by the ordinary tank steel plate, and the impact strength is 1 ~ 3 times, it is one Ultimate new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by airflow mill.With global resources and energy shortages, comprehensive utilization of human resources, the secondary use of resources has become more emphasis, energy-saving frequency conversion, sewage, waste gas use, etc. have become the issue of people's livelihood. Our crushing industry is also in the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the effect is improved in the premise of unexpected damage, and the structure is improved in order to reduce energy consumption.

  "Low Carbon Economy" is a gospel for the crush industry. Because of the crushing of the coal-grinding industrial raw materials, energy conservation, and other energy efficient use of coal and petroleum, industrial waste and tailings, etc. are closely related to the crushing industry. Especially in new materials, non-metallic mines, buildings, building materials, energy, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, food, textile, Japan, agriculture, environmental protection, etc., powder materials and technologies have extensive applications. With the development of China's economy and the process of industrialization, the development of crushing industry has brought about an irreplaceable role in the progress of the industry.

  The laboratory small airflow pulverizer The industry has always been the development of key areas of national key support, in low-carbon economy, energy saving and emission reduction is more promising. Experts pointed out that the ultrafine pulverization method so far mainly uses mechanical methods. Small mechanical laboratory is a grinding material using a mechanical gas flow pulverizer, which is a broken physical method, no air pollution, environmental protection and energy saving. After being hit by the crush, friction, cut, rolling and other means to achieve a crushing effect, form, wide range, and mechanical grinding process can become other requirements, such particle modification, mixing, low cost, energy Consumption, high fineness, production advantage.

  In the food industry, small laboratory airflow pulverizer technology is very important in food processing: First, to improve the taste of food, and is conducive to the absorption of nutrients; second, it does not absorb or The raw materials used are reused, prepared and processed into a variety of functional food, develop new food raw materials, add new food varieties to improve resource utilization.


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  For the ALPA powder technology, the so-called innovation not only refers to the newness of powder equipment technology and products, but more precisely, innovation is a kind of thinking, whether it is product innovation, or an enterprise system, marketing method innovation, It is the imperial way for AlPa Powder Technology to maintain sustainable development, and the road to the global industrial powder equipment industry.