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El Pieces said the development trend of the air current crusher

  Wuhan University of Technology Ye Jing invented "Chinese herbal medicine impact friction" can effectively solve the problem of ultrafine pulverization efficiency in the ultrafine pulverization method of Chinese herbal medicines, especially existing airflow pulverization devices The disadvantage of the use of physical properties. The working principle is fed from the spiral feeder to the centrifugal disc, and the mixing acceleration tube is passed through the material dispenser and the plurality of nozzles, respectively, the rotary target is respectively, and the rotary target is friction on different rotating target surfaces. Under the action, the medicinal material is impacted, and after rubbing, the coil flows into the turbo grading mechanism of the upper part of the equipment, and the qualified product is separated, and the disguised dispenser will be dispensed. The results of the crush show that there is a good effect on the toughness of the plant's powder brittle Chinese herbal medicine and fiber, and the pearl mother of minerals has a good effect. Thermal resin has a good effect.Airflow Crusher For the current industry, the application rate is quite high. It can specifically smash the material to the state of cell breakage. In recent years, the airflow pulverizer is applied to the medical food industry, and the pharmaceutical food is pulverized by airflow. After that save resources, the effect is maximized, making food taste and absorption better.

  Airflow pulverizer also has a more extreme application in the chemical industry, using limited resources to deal with the market demand, and achieve the effect of halving. The following is an analysis of the development prospects of the airflow pulverizer. Trend of airflow pulverizer: high development productivity, low energy consumption, product particle size specific surface area, chemical composition, crystal shape, surface morphology, defect, roughness, etc., good dispersion, product quality is stable and ultra-fine Ultrafine pulverization process and equipment are issues that should consider the current airflow pulverizer. The current ultrafine pulverization method should improve the improvement of ultrafine pulverized ultrafine pulverization, particle size distribution, granular crystal formulation control technology; airflow pulverizer equipment technology is common: pollution environment, waste materials. It should be improved by the multi-process crusher enterprises in the mechanical pulverization machine, and the technical direction should be developed. Provide customers with high production efficiency, low price cost, small limit particle size, good particle size, and distinctive, secondary pollution, small advanced ultra-fine pulverized equipment, is also needed to achieve joint efforts; domestic airflow pulverizer performance The detection standard evaluation method is not unified, and the real and effective reference standard cannot be provided to the user; the main part of the ultrafine powder super fine powder for mechanical pulverizationlaw. Currently used in the preparation of ultrafine powder equipment: ball mill, vibration grinding, heavy pressure polishing gas flow pulverizer, sand mill ultrasound machine, planetary ball mill, colloid mill, airflow pulverizer. With the above pulverized apparatus to reach the D98 particle size uniform control, there is a good classified device, and it must be fine. Due to the fine product particle size, gravity grading time consuming long, generally use centrifugal power field to grade mechanical pulverization method and grading principle: First, the solid material pulverizer has achieved pulverizer effect due to mechanical force. This gas flow pulverizer can generally be divided into extrusion, impact, grinding and other. Ultrafine pulverized equipment has a role (air current pulverizer), as well as a composite force (grinding shear fine powder machine). The force pulverization effect is preferably shearing friction, and the intensity distribution is narrow, the effect is ideal, and the extrusion impact is the worst. In terms of current technology, air-as a hierarchical mechanical gas flow pulverizer can only reach ultrafine pulverizer requirements, only ultrafine pulverization separation grading only by water other liquids as a hierarchical medium. Because the superfine powder gravity settlement speed is small, the settlement time is very long, and it is also affected by particle diffusion motion, industrial production is difficult to achieve, only the centrifugal power field can effectively overcome the influence of particle diffusion motion, shortening settlement.

  Comprehensive analysis, current

  Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer The industry should work together, and the research office is better in the industry to conduct a qualitative constraint. From crushing fineness, energy consumption, pollution, work, materials, etc., to ensure the interests of the airflow mill, so that there is a "amount" change to ensure your own interests, that is, the so-called "win-win" . Everyone should work together to add light to the beautiful foreground for the airflow pulverizer.

  According to the material, depending on the material needs to use different lining materials from the injection end to the discharge end, the increase amount of metal foreign matter is controlled at the PPM level, and can be on the material and internal protective means. Decrease the standard of zero pollution of the processing material. For those with toughness, viscosity, thermal or other materials, AlPA can provide a variety of machining environments and processing methods to meet customer needs.