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Cleaning and maintenance of graded impact grinding can make the production more smooth

  Airflow pulverization technology is applied to high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, improving the powder structure, has great improvement of powder performance and product quality. Airflow pulverization technology has broad application prospects in the cosmetics industry.Hierarchical impact grinding is also called mechanical pulverizer, which will be used in some special product processing. Processing products need to complete the actual processing through crushing effects, and the crushing effect will directly affect the quality of processing products. If you want to ensure that the crushing effect continues to achieve production requirements, the daily maintenance work cannot be lacking, and below will introduce you to the cleaning and maintenance of

  hierarchical impact grinding.

  Residual material: The material is realized by hierarchical impact grinding, and the process of completing the process is very coherent, it will continue to scrap, so that many material processing can be completed, but the material shred is in the interior The number of raw materials is a lot. After the crushing of these materials, the staff is difficult to effectively identify, so it is critical to clean the residue after each crushing is completed, and only these debris remains. It does not cause mixing use to cause material purity insufficient.

  Device dust: The graded impact grinding of the material is more serious at the same time. It is more serious because of its material, and the air effect is easy to cause dust accumulation on the outer surface of the equipment, resulting in poor heat dissipation. The performance is reduced, so it is not overlooked in the outer layer of the graded crusher.

  Hierarchical impact grinding is also a high-end ultra-fine pulverized equipment as super-micro gas flow, usually in chemical new materials, mineral powder, metal oxides, battery copy materials, and medical food industries. People are also careful when using graded impact grinding, afraid of operations that will cause equipment failure, but in fact, as long as they are used in normal operating procedures, there will be no big problems, but in addition to correct operation, regular cleaning and maintenance work is also affecting equipment. An important factor in failure rate, so everyone must pay attention to this problem.

  ALPA powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow mill", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, has been based on technological innovation, science and technology research and development As the cornerstone, constantly improve the efficiency and safety of improving gas flow crushersSex, dedicated to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow crusher products, creates more value for customers, creates greater interests for employees, and is more responsible for society.