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Can high purity feedstock airflow mill processing can reach zero pollution?

  The airflow milling work is that compressed air is frozen, filtered, dried, and several nozzle spraying through two-dimensional or three-dimensional arrangement forms an ultrasonic speed gas flow into the pulverizing chamber, and the gas flow impact can make the material are fluidized. , The accelerated material is combined in several nozzles, which produces severe collision, friction, and shear, and ultrafine pulverization of the particles.

  Many raw materials are highly required for purity, but with traditional equipment, they always avoid contact, friction of raw materials and equipment, resulting in metal pollution, especially when pulverization, high purity feedstock The choice of equipment is more demanding. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. In the pulverization of high purity raw materials, Shandong raw materials, the use of gas current pulverization machines, and achieves zero pollution by changing the internal process of equipment.

  Due to the special structure of the airflow pulverizer itself, that is, the exhaust port is used for the discharge of high pressure gas and the discharge of the ultrafine powder product, the design of the muffler can reduce noise and It does not affect the discharge, which has made very strict requirements for the structural design of muffler. The material is shocked by the high speed of the airflow, and the materials are pulled with each other. The fractionation wheel separates fine particles, and the thick particle cycle returns to the pulverizing chamber to continue to smash, and the distribution of uniformity from the grading wheel outlet. powder.

  The airflow pulverizer is less worn, low noise, easy cleaning and other advantages, suitable for materials such as pulverizing high purity, thermal sensitivity and difficult pulverizing layered structure, and increases ultra-fine powder in the ingredients, It is important to improve product performance. After the segmentation in the machine, accelerate from the injection tube to ultrasonic speed, into the pulverizing cavity of the gas flow pulverizer, the material collides with each other, and pulverized with each other, and the fine powder is formed. After the crushing material is passed from the gas stream, it is a micro-powder collection system that has been introduced into a micro-powder collection system in a gas stream. The crushed objects have achieved a crushing effect by impact, friction, shear, and rolling, etc., a variety of forms, very wide applicable, and mechanical pulverization can also evolve into other required processing methods, such as surface granular improvement, mixing, etc. , The main advantages have low cost, small energy consumption, relatively high, large yield.

  Shandong Erpa is a source manufacturer specializing in the production of gas flow crushers, which can customize all kinds of gas flow crushers, airflow classifiers, nitrogen-based air current pulverizer,Experimental airflow pulverizer, etc. Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has always firmly convinced that the basis of the global brand is the improvement of product and service quality, and behind the quality of the quality is a fear of market. Under the line, from a single channel to multi-dimensional propagation, from China to overseas, Shandong AlPa powder technology has always been combined with dealers, the user's demand is centered, and the quality improvement is based on the construction of globalization. The powder equipment brand is a vision, continuously striding forward, and has achieved a new breakthrough, and a strong "Chinese voice" in the industrial powder equipment field.