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How to achieve ultrafine pulverization? Use graded impact grinding

  The airflow milling work is that compressed air is frozen, filtered, dried, and several nozzle spraying through two-dimensional or three-dimensional arrangement forms an ultrasonic speed gas flow into the pulverizing chamber, and the gas flow impact can make the material are fluidized. , The accelerated material is combined in several nozzles, which produces severe collision, friction, and shear, and ultrafine pulverization of the particles.The flame retardant is added to the polymer by mechanical mixing method, allowing the polymer with flame retardancy, and the flame retardant is mainly used in transportation, electron electrical equipment, furniture, and building materials. Adding a flame retardant does not allow the material to achieve the ability to completely resist the fire, but it can still reduce the fire, and win the valuable escape time for people in the fire, it can be said that the flame retardant is significant for safety. The flame retardant needs to be superfined before adding, in order to be more efficiently combined with the need to flame retardant materials, then the flame retardant is superbly crushing, so today Xiaobian will introduce

  flame retardant super Through the impact of impact, I hope that everyone will grow knowledge. The flame retardant ultrafine impact grinding is a violent impact of the hammer head and the material on the high-speed rotating rotary body while the gap between the impact hammer head and the liner is hit / wear shear, achieving the ultrafine material. Smash. And follow the material characteristics of the flame retardant to achieve the most ideal solution.

  The flame retardant ultrafine impact grind mainly has the following characteristics:

  1. The model uses the fluid mechanics numerical simulation software developed by our company, calculates the most suitable flow field, the most ideal pressure distribution guide Design, greatly improves the pulverization efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

  2. The particle size is more thin, and the built-in high-efficiency turbine gas flow grading machine, the particle size distribution is narrow, and the grading precision is high and the particle size of the unparalleled particle product can be adjusted at 60-2000;

  3 Using air-cooled design, the system operates large, low pulverization temperature, suitable for processing of thermal materials;

  4. Unique flow field design and constant gas-solid concentration control, ensure that the system can operate for a long time;

  5. The pulverized hammer head and the ring gear are made of superhard material through special processes, and the wear resistance is wear-resistant, which greatly improves the service life, and the service life is 4-5 times of other similar models. And greatly reduce the pollution of iron impurities;(This method has been well approved in many units)

  6. Automatic slag can be achieved;

  7. Fully seal negative pressure operation, collector adopts new filter material, collect efficiency can reach 90% No environmental pollution; convenient for disassembly and cleaning;

  8. High automation, whole machine adopts full closed negative pressure operation, no dust pollution.

  The above is all the introduction of

  hierarchical impact grinding that can be used for flame retardants. Do you have some understanding? Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying a variety of gas flow crushers, airflow grading machines, mechanical impact grinding and other equipment. The company has established 10,000 sets of equipment and production lines for various industries. Welcome to inquire and incumbent Experiment, consultation hotline 0816-2547166. ALPA powder technology always guides industrial powder equipment to manufacture quality, and continues to precipitate, create a process standard for digitalization, welding automation, and molding. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.