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Seven advantages of the airflow classifier Do you know?

  Shandong AlPa Powder Technology has laminated two years, successfully completed the special ceramic vertical grading wheel of lithium-electric positive electrode materials with a diameter of 600. Can be used with airflow classifiers. Compare the "ceramic horizontal grading wheel", successfully solved a series of problems such as adhesion, not fine, and unsteady. Shandong ALPA-developed lithium-eM positive material special ceramic vertical grading wheel can strictly control the iron content during operation, the grading is accurate, and the finished product is freely adjusted.The airflow classifier is a dry powder material sorting device, which is a centrifugal grading machine with a flow field regulation device and a high speed turbine rotor. The material is moved from the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the bottom of the strata, and the crude material is separated, and the fine particles required by the particle size are separated, and fine particles required for the particle diameter requirements are graded by fractionation. The wheel blade gap is collected into the cyclone separator or the dust collector. The thickness of the crude particles is partially disappeared. The roughness of the secondary wind is removed, and the thickness of the thickness is separated, fine The particles rise to the secondary grade of the graded area, and the crude particles are dropped to the unloading port. Airflow classifiers and cyclone separators, dust collectors, and vents into a set of grading systems. It is a hierarchical equipment with high production, low energy consumption and high grading efficiency, and is favored by consumers in many industries. When it comes to the airflow classifier, it has to mention the seven advantages of it. Here will be introduced one by one below.

  1, low energy consumption, long service life, less pollution.

  2, strengthen the dispersion, the recovery rate is high. The particles moved with the gas stream, into the dispersion of the dispersion, reaching the dispersion again, which is sufficiently dispersed, so that the fine particles bonded together are sufficiently dispersed, the fine-grained recovery is high, avoiding unnecessary cycles.

  3, using eddy current and air rectification theory, the uniform distribution of the ventricle and the airflow is uniform, and the grading accuracy is high.

  4, the scope of the classifier is wide, and the adjustment is convenient. By adjusting the speed and air of the impeller, the fractional point can be selected, and the rotational speed of the impeller can obtain a wide range of graded granularity.

  5, first-class grading quality: Although the classifier runs at high speed, it can also ensure high quality grading accuracy. When the air pressure of all classified systems drops to 6000-8000Pa, the system can also ensure low energy consumption.

  6, anti-wear protection: airflow classifier will be in designWear is reduced to a lower degree, and if necessary, the surface of the production-related equipment can be protected from wear-resistant materials.

  7, high cutting accuracy, high recovery rate, compact structure, small size, space, easy to install, but more important, the airflow classifier operation procedure is simple.

  High-threatening turbine gas flow classifier is affordable, the main components in the machine can be explored, so the maintenance is simple and easy. Since the frequency converter is used to change the speed of the hierarchy wheel, the hierarchical fineness of the classifier can be continuously adjusted.

  At the same time, AlPA loves powder technology with its own excessive quality and good market reputation, and has harvested more and more new customers, Hongrun Petrochemical, three tree coatings, Ningde Times Bydi Automobile and other enterprises have chosen all series of airflow crusher products under Alpa love powder technology in accordance with their own needs.