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Some questions about the gas flow crusher, there is an answer you want to know

  Battery powder, negative electrode material gas flow grinding, has excellent plastic ability, excellent finished particle shape, can obtain ball type (potato-shaped) particles. The particle size distribution is narrow and the finished product has a high density. Mechanical ultrafine pulverizer, low pulverization, the finished product can reach 75% -95%. The inside of the device can be inner lining the wear resistant material, the finished product is purified, and the equipment is small. Airflow classifier, using variable frequency adjustment, can be adjusted between 0.5UM-100UM. The equipment is running stable, and there is no difference and variation in continuous boot for a long time. Full enclosed negative pressure, automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.Airflow pulverizer is a great assistant for powder processing companies, but it is more unfamiliar for new users. Many new users have many suspicuous problems in the previous purchase of gas flow crushers. I am afraid that I don't know. Clear and chose the wrong model, so next, Xiaobian will explain to everyone about several questions about

  airflow crusher in everyday. 1. Gasflow pulverizer and screen crusher, if compared from the application range, is it wide?

  The two of the airflow pulverizer and the screen crusher are in the domain of the pulverizer. However, if you look at the application, then the latter, that is, the application range of the screen crusher is wide. Because the airflow pulverizer is smashing the material within 5 mm, there is a certain limit.

  2. The amount of pulverization and treatment of the airflow pulverizer is mainly related to what?

  The amount of pulverization and treatment of the airflow pulverizer, in these two related influencing factors are mainly the specific uses of the pulverizer, and these specifications such as specifications. And by these can determine the size of the airflow pulverizer and the value of the amount of the amount of treatment, so that it is appropriate.

  3. If there is too little feed in the airflow mill, what will therefore? And what is the collection of finished products in the crusher?

  If the feed is too small in the airflow mill, then the pulverizer itself will affect. Attiction will reduce the mass and effect. Because, in the airflow pulverizer, it is high-speed airflow to cause a strong collision to achieve a crushing effect, and the feed is too small to be very good. As for the collection of finished products in the pulverizer, it is achieved by collectors.

  4. Airflow crusher particle size is unstable, what are the specific reasons?

  If the airflow pulverizer is notIf there is two reasons, the system configuration is unreasonable, or the loss in the system is too large, so that the particle size of the finished product is unstable. Second, there is a change in operation, but it is unqualified or inappropriate to cause the above problems.

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