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Several little experience sharing of airflow grading machine maintenance

  Small laboratory gas flow grinding, laboratory equipment, small gas flow grinding, laboratory airflow classifier, for various laboratory requirements, special airflow pulverization unit for manufacturing production. The product has: full-negative pressure design, high pulverized grading accuracy, uniform particle size distribution, small land and other features. It can be widely used in various experiments such as colleges, pharmaceuticals, and materials.After using a period of time, the workload will inevitably decline. At this time, we often need to clean the airflow classifier, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, extend the service life of the equipment and stabilize products. Quality, dealing with the main, auxiliary machine for careful maintenance and regular maintenance. So how do you do your maintenance during the use of airflow classifiers? The following is the experience of long-term accumulation:

  1, equipment in normal operation, if there is abnormal sound, strong vibration, motor, motor, body, and bearing parts are too high, should be closed in time;

  2, the airflow classifier runs around for a month, should be fully inspected, discovers hidden dangers, timely excluded;

  3, the main, the auxiliary machine, the lubrication point should often check the lubrication, timely add lubrication;

  4, regularly check the wear situation of grading impeller, impact grinding hammer head and stator wear-resistant liner, find problems, timely replacement; hammer head should be replaced, so as not to cause the equipment to operate uncomfortable;

  5, air pressure Maintenance and maintenance of an affiliates such as machines and air blowers shall be carried out according to their corresponding instructions.

  In addition, during the use of the FW high-threatening turret, we have to cherish, regularly clean up, regular maintenance, and regular maintenance can extend the life of the airflow classifier and increase productivity.

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