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When the airflow pulverizer is cleaned, the motor and bearing passage cannot be blocked.

  Airflow grinding as a new type of high-tech product has achieved significant achievements in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, using gas flow crushing technology in cosmetics industry, enhancing biological utilization, reducing dosage, promoting and expanding absorption, improvement The effect of effect and efficacy. It is mainly used that cell-level fine powder can be absorbed by skin mucosa, and a new way is opened up to further develop traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics.In the previous article, we introduced many methods about the maintenance and maintenance of airflow pulverizer, especially in the equipment cleaning, we talked about many key points and its importance. Do a good job in the cleanliness of the airflow mill, effectively guarantee that the raw materials are not polluting, and the equipment is not stacked, not blocking, and more limits the service life.

  When cleaning the airflow pulverizer, the motor and the bearing passage cannot be sealed, replace the parts, or when maintaining the equipment, it is necessary to carry out the power supply. And hang a warning sign, and should lubricate the bearing. If there is a clogging, don't be anxious, first look at its feed speed, whether it is too fast, slow down, reduce its load, so it is good. Also, there is nothing to look at the current meter of the airflow crusher. If the rated current is exceeded, it will cause an overload, which will cause the load to become large, easy to block. We want to solve this often what will happen. The particles have increased at a high speed under action, but since the gas heat insulating performance expansion causes the temperature to fall, in the pulverization process, the temperature of the material particles is not very high, so this is very suitable for sensitivity or melting materials . The main role of the gas flow pulverizer is to pulverize the particles, and the surface of the particles is clean and smooth, the dispersibility is well dispersed, and therefore the airflow pulverizer is widely used in the use of materials in the fields of chemical and non-metals. The powder is added from the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, which is injected into a pulverized cavity, and the high-speed air flow ejected from the pulverized nozzle forms a supersonic stream, and the airflow pulverizer causes the logistics to collide with each other. Cuts and pulverized cavity wall collision, friction achieves the purpose of pulverization into fine powder, during the logistics high speed and pulverization, different fineness of particles produce different centrifugal force in the rotating airflow. The crushing material is moved by the rising airflow to the grading area under the fan effusion, and the powerful centrifugal force generated at high speed rotation.Under the action, the crude product is separated, and the fine particles required to granularize the granularity are collected by the grading wheel into the cyclone and the dust collector, and the crude particles drops to the pulverizing region to continue to be pulverized.

  Shandong Erpai is a source manufacturer specializing in the production of airflow crushers. It can customize all kinds of airflow pulverization machines, airflow grading machines, nitrogen-owned airflow mill, experimental airflow crusher, etc. , Full guidance installation, operation training, etc., to purchase a comprehensive guarantee for users.

  In recent years, the attention of green environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned, whether it is Ningde era, or AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing sustainable development. . In the future, there is still an infinite challenge, but as a large-scale enterprise with social responsibility, ALPA powder technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.