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Scientifically maintain airflow crusher, safe production from small things

  Airflow grinding as a new type of high-tech product has achieved significant achievements in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, using gas flow crushing technology in cosmetics industry, enhancing biological utilization, reducing dosage, promoting and expanding absorption, improvement The effect of effect and efficacy. It is mainly used that cell-level fine powder can be absorbed by skin mucosa, and a new way is opened up to further develop traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics.Airflow pulverizer is generally used in industrial, mechanical and other industries. Due to long-term labor, it is necessary to have a certain life of the airflow crusher, and even in use is improper operation or feeding problems. It is easy to affect the use of the pulverizer, where we have introduced the maintenance focus in the use of the airflow crusher, I hope to help you when using a crusher.

  1. Crusher motor is exported before the factory, coupling, corrected, please do not loosen;

  2, regularly clean up the ferrous magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic plate of permanent magnet;

  3, the timing check the fineness of the pulverized finished product;

  4, regularly clean or replace the dust collector bag (ensure the bag breathable), regularly check the working conditions of the solenoid valve (see if it can work properly);

  5 , Regularly check the wear of the wear of the pulverizer, see if it belongs to normal wear;

  6, often pay attention to the vibration of the pulverizer;

  7, when the pulverizer wear is seriously needed, pay attention to The weighing is performed, ensuring that the weight difference of the two-phase hammers on the two-phase (1800 direction) hammer pin shaft is ≤1g and two opposing (1800 direction) hammer pin shaped hammers. The total weight of the hammer is ≤2g;

  8 When the wear of the crusher screen wear needs to be replaced, pay attention to the flatness of the new screen and whether the size of the screen is reasonable, whether the installation is in place, it is best to make the screen on the screen in the mounting;

  9, impeller The opening degree of the feeder pose should be adjusted appropriate;

  10, if the crusher is found, the noise is high, and the noise should be stopped immediately;

  11, the spindle bearing should be added 80 grams after operation 40 hours Grease, but can only be added to 60%, after 1800 hours of operation, the bearing box cover should be removed and all used grease. When replacing fresh grease, add lubrication around the roller and bearing ringsLipid, and add more grease in the bottom case, do not add more grease;

  12, when the production of gas flow pulverizer suddenly decreases, in addition to the factors of the raw material, You should focus on whether the reset damper is in place, whether the pipe is leaking, the pulse bag is blocked, the solenoid valve, the fan is working properly.

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