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How should I deal with the problem of the impeller of the airflow crusher

  Airflow pulverization technology is applied to high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, improving the powder structure, has great improvement of powder performance and product quality. Airflow pulverization technology has broad application prospects in the cosmetics industry.

  Airflow pulverizer will have a variety of problems after long-term work, and it is also about a variety of problems and faults during the process of working, and there is a problem with the fan. More stringent questions, so we should pay more attention in encountering such problems. If we encounter such problems, we should have corresponding skills.

  If the rivet head portion of the impeller does not have wear, we can also be bonded through the pressing wheel or the hub, allowing the grinding rivet head to recover. To normal state. Generally, the case where the rupture of the rivet hole often occurs, and it is also possible to use a welding rod without the welding rod without the welding rod, and the cirography is started, and the crack is picked up!

  If the symmetrical rivet hole is not cracking, it is necessary to store the electrode to these places, which is also very easy to eliminate the welding quality of the symmetric rivet hole crack. Welding can repair cracks by this pile of weight-bearing method, and then perform simple dynamic balance tests in the impeller, this process is not very complicated.

  ALPA experimental workshop equipment 30 sets of test processing equipment, experimental center subpack detection and laboratory instruments, granularity, whiteness, density, specific surface area, image, etc., can also provide a small test, medium Try, big trials, even 1: 1 feeding experiment, experimental content includes various comminuted, grading, plastic, dry, modification, delivery, ammagnetic powder test, providing reliable guarantees for subsequent R & D, design and manufacturing.