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Airflow pulverizer on ultrafine pulverized Chinese medicine

  It is especially suitable for pulverizing fibrous and belt materials with a certain grease. Its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and AlPa gas flow is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food (Example: Chinese medicine. Food. Chemical. Care. Roots. Radius. Corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soy, garlic , Octagonal, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, sugar, sugar, food, shrimp skin, pumpkin powder, seasoning, etc.Chinese medicine

  Airflow pulverizer

  The appropriate site conditions, vibration, and noise should be deployed. Directly into the drug or indirectly administered different purification requirements, dust collection and post-treatment, local environmental requirements. Considering the following considerations should be selected from the following aspects, the characteristics of the material to be pulverized, the process fineness requirement, the single-flavored herbal material is pulverized or mixed. After the extract is soaked, it is separated or pulverized with other materials. The biopsy powder is pulverized after mixing the extract. Special materials are crushing, and yield matches. Microbiological limit requirements. When choosing a crushing device according to the process and environment, pay attention to the following points, the amount of processing amount, the particle size and particle size distribution requirements of the drug being pulverized. Different dosage forms require particle size distribution. There is no metal and other impurities in the pulverized drug. The control and environmental hygiene requirements for pulverization should comply with GMP. The temperature control in the pulverizer is strict, especially for thermal medicinal materials and flammable, explosive materials. Certain drugs are large, high viscosity, more oil and moisture, and difficulty in crushing.

  Chinese medicine airflow pulverizer is an instrument for various materials, which has high operating efficiency and simple operation. It is widely used in small Chinese medicine factories, Chinese medicine stores, Chinese Medicine and other fields. Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverization machine is a darker crush, so it is very suitable for the advantages of medical, food, chemical, agriculture, research institutes, etc., and wide range of applications.

  AlPa Powder Technology has been adhere to the initial heart, helping all walks of life to increase the intensity of ecological environment, accelerating the pace of industrial adjustment and upgrading, driving air quality continuous improvement, and strive to achieve high quality. In the future, ALPA Powder Technology will adhere to the "high-quality design, high quality development" concept, and actively contribute to the construction of social and economic development and ecological civilization. With high sense of responsibility and mission, for social environment and enterprise health and sustainable developmentProtecting the stable foundation, providing a solid guarantee for further economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits.