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How to deal with the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer?

  Airflow milling is super finely pulverized by the active material, which can greatly reduce the dissolution temperature of the active, which is conducive to the retention and transdermal absorption of the activity. If the skin care products have an antibacterial, the incectapy is permeable, and it is necessary to dissolve 2 h at 80 ° C, and if ultrafine pulverization, it is only a few minutes at 80 ° C to dissolve, which greatly maintains antibacterial activity.

  How should the Chinese medicine ultrafine crusher should be treated? Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. analyzes the causes of the super - fine pulverizer of traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment method.

  The feed speed is too fast, the load is increased, causing the reason for clogging.

  Workaround, be careful when using crusher, in the feed process, pay attention to the current table pointer's deflection angle, if the rated current is exceeded, indicating that the motor is overloaded, long Time overload will burn the motor. This situation should be reduced or closed immediately, or the feed is changed, and the feed amount is controlled by increasing the feeder. The feeder has manual, automatic, and the user should select the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation.

  The discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is too fast, and the crushing machine is blocked. Improper matching with the delivery device can cause the discharge pipe to reduce or block the wind.

  Workaround: After the failure is detected, the delivery device that does not match the fidel change should be cleared, adjust the amount of feed, so that the equipment is operating normally. The hammer segment, aging, screen hole closed, tattered, pulverized material water content will enable the crushing machine. The solution should be updated regularly to update the broken and serious aging hammers to keep the crusher's good working condition.

  Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer employ air separation particle classification system, the material of the material is pulverized to the same body, And each independently run. Has full function, compact structure, stable technical performance, high noise, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, flexible use, wide adaptation, no smash, adjustable powder fineness, easy repair, etc. The unit has a host, auxiliary machine, integrating pipe, and electrical control unit.

  The cyclone dust collector is combined with the filter bag dust collector, and the articulate, no screen, and the powder-shaped particles can be adjusted, and the material is pulverized, and the negative pressure delivery is used. To the exit of the discharge valve, the product requirements are reached, and it is widely used in different fields of chemical, dyes, coatings, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries to exceed finely pulverized, and the material is pulverized, and the grading to the finished product is carried out in the same closed system. It is a complete set of equipment that is currently environmentally friendly, not polluting.

  As the world's big country, China has played a positive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability, and assumes great responsibility and obligation. As a large industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprise developed in China's economic wave, ALPA powder technology will also assume corporate social responsibility, and continue to join hands with more companies to my country's strong troops, and strengthen the road of strong countries.