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Powder classification machine classification characteristics

  Inert gas protective gas flow milling circulating air cooling. Because the system is a closed circuit loop system, there are multiple moving parts inside the device, and a certain temperature is generated in the high speed movement, while the temperature is critical to safety in the machining. Therefore, a heat sink cooler is installed on the pipe, which can effectively reduce the safety hazard caused by the equipment for a long time or in high temperature environment.The powder classifier has a precise large particle culling function, which is difficult to have other types of grading equipment (such as a rotor grading machine). The jet grading machine low operating cost, no rotating parts and drive motors.

  The powder classifier has a small risk of the particle morphology, a high speed collision of the mechanical part of the raw material and the grading equipment. The purpose of dispersing the vibration and collision between the raw material particles through the high speed attraction of the gas stream. The force of the jet classifier is relatively weak and the destructive power is small.

  In the use of powder classifier, even if the amount of powder is large, the accuracy of the grading will not be affected.

  For AlPa powder, the craftsman is not just a concept, attitude and inheritance, and is an all kinds of research and development, manufacturing, marketing, services and culture. The genes of the link, a well-known craftsman, for decades, pursuit of professional skills, more purely, relying on drilling and inheritance, explain the spiritual connotation of the craftsman, and create another "alpa manufacturing" .