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Airflow pulverizer can complete the raw material ultrafine pulverization and grading simultaneously

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is made of a large part of a crusher, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box and a fan, has a variety of overall performance, production process, uniform, no screen, non-mesh, uniform particle size. Continuous progress. It utilizes the relative movement between the active gear disc and the fixed tooth disc, or the gas high speed flows the material to obtain the material to teeth impact, friction, and materials from each other, and the powder is pulverized by the rotating centrifuge and the air machine. Enter the cyclone separator, then passed through the shutter, dust into the pulse dust cleaning tank, and the filter is adjusted by filter cartridge and recovery. The whole machine is designed according to the GMP standard, all of which are made with stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the production.

  The airflow pulverizer is aimed at the current situation of the crusher that is not integrated with the dual function of the gas flow in China, in order to meet the market's demand for high-end crushers. The gas flow pulverizer is provided with a selection chamber to sort the particles in the high-speed swirl, and the micropowder introduction collecting system that loses the centrifugal force is a finished product, while the coarse particles are set to the pulverized cavity in the outer side of the swivel. It was killed again. The flow airflow pulverizer is delivered to the storage hopper induces the returning valve. The spiral feeder is sent to the grinding chamber, and the ultrasonic air is inserted into the grinding chamber through several injection nozzles, and is concentrated to the central injection, so that the material is fluidized, ground The material is pulverized under a very strong impact. The aircraft is a vertical axis reflective pulverizer that can simultaneously complete the microcanoid and fine particles sorting two processing steps, suitable for processing a variety of materials in various industries, and adjust the particle size arbitrarily without stopping.

  The airflow pulverizer mainly has a rack, a box body, a medium case, a lower case, a feed device, a hierarchical motor, a main motor, and a rotor assembly. The rotor rotation is obtained by the main motor to drive the spindle through the triangle. The rotation of the grading wheel is obtained by the hierarchical variable frequency motor through the coupling hierarchy. The stratagem is reversed in opposite to the rotation of the pulverization plate. The triangular tension is made from the rising bolt to adjust the center distance of the motor and the host, so that the triangle belt is tightened. The rotor assembly is mainly composed of a spindle, a bearing housing, a bearing, a rotor, a mill, a triangular pulley, and the like. The rotor is loaded with a balanced check after the mill is installed. The speed of the grading impeller can be freely adjusted without stopping, so that the graded product reaches the ideal fineness. The feed apparatus is mainly composed of components such as hopper, twinkling, frequency conversion motor, and gearbox. How much is the feed?Adjust the variable frequency motor speed to obtain the load of the main motor substantially within the rated load range.

  Since the rotor assembly and the grading impeller can be assembled after the operational balance check is passed, the vibration generated during operation is small. The whole machine does not need to make the foundation and the ground bolt to install. The rack is only placed horizontally, or supports the shock pad. The position of the electric control cabinet and the host should not be too far (special circumstances, such as pulverizing can conduct electricity materials). This can observe the load of the main motor, but also cut off the power in time in case of danger.

  Airflow pulverizer for chemical, food, feed, medicine and intermediate, tobacco, pesticide (wettable powder), pigment, coating, dye, ceramics, color, colloid, non-metallic minerals and bioengineering and other industries Ultrafine pulverization (such as calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, aluminum hydroxide, cerium oxide, phenolic resin, α-starch, penta sodium, mica, etc.).

  Shandong Erpai is a source manufacturer specializing in the production of airflow crushers. It can customize all kinds of airflow pulverization machines, airflow grading machines, nitrogen-owned airflow mill, experimental airflow crusher, etc. , Full guidance installation, operation training, etc., to purchase a comprehensive guarantee for users.

  Follow the order, quantity and accessories of the order equipment, ensure that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.