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Metation and failure analysis of feed speed and ventilation of airflow pulverizer

  Biological, medical sector airflow applications: (1) submicron and nanoscale needles; (2) Medicine refinement, improve absorption (ultra-microcallar); (3) health products refine, improve absorption rate;

  In the process of use of airflow mill, the fault of the feed speed and the introduction of the airflow pulverizer will generally encounter. So how do you analyze and deal with these malfunctions? Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. explained in detail.

  1. On the airflow pulverizer, if its export temperature is high, what should be solved?

  On the airflow crusher, if its export temperature is high, then, it is necessary to come in time. Solved, if you don't resolve, then, it will generate serious consequences, or even, it can also affect the normal operation of the crusher. And its solution is very simple, as long as it adds the fan at its air outlet, you can.

  2. How should the airflow pulverizer feed speed and a fluid amount?

  On the airflow crusher, I want to implement the feed speed and Good cooperation between the amount of the wind, its main, is to properly improve the feed speed. Moreover, on the damper should be strictly controlled, it is not possible to make the opening degree too much, so that the pressure inside the pulverizer is too large, which in turn affects the pulverization effect of the pulverizer. So, in these two points, it is necessary to do well, can't relax and sloppy, otherwise, it can't have a good effect.3. In the airflow pulverizer, the bottom of the whirlwind separator does not fall, what is the reason?

  In the airflow mill, if the bottom of its whirlwind separator does not fall, then For specific reasons, there are two, one is too large, so that the material is concentrated in the dust collector; the second, it is too much adhesive material inside the cyclone separator, thereby causing the separator to not normal. Work and run. Therefore, it should be investigated one by one, find the real reasons, to completely solve it, thus avoiding the problem of problems.

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