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Delivery of gas flow pulverizer and selection of components

  The ultra-fine pulverization technology of airflow is almost used in many areas of agricultural products, food, health food, cosmetics, seasonings, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is expected that this century will have a greater faster development in the following.

  Airflow pulverizer, which can be said to be common types in the pulverizer, so it is still very much in the application. So, in order to make everyone can have further understanding and understanding, and get some new knowledge, Shandong Erfai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is here for everyone to explain.

  1. Material

  in the airflow pulverizer

  In the airflow pulverizer, for the grading wheel, the material is selected, mainly to the grading. What materials are determined by it. If the requirements are not high, carbon steel can be used. If it is high, the ceramics should be used.

  The grinding lining of the airflow pulverizer, the choice of material, is also to see the specific material. If it is easy to wear and the hardness is high, it should be used. If, considering hardness, and cost, alloy steel can be used to meet the requirements.

  2. Airflow pulverizer, if the processing fineness does not meet the standard, then what specific reasons?

  If the airflow milling machine is not up to standard , Then it is specific to different situations. If this problem occurs after a period of time, it may be wear, or if it is damaged. If it is a new machine device, it may be that the selection is incorrect, resulting in.

  3. What airflow pulverizer's pressure relief valve is going to the wall, etc., can not be opposed to people?

  This is because if the airflow puller pressure relief valve is to Then, it may spray the airflow to cause harm to people. Therefore, to cause damage to the wall, or elsewhere, to avoid injury to the person.

  About the airflow pulverizer, I believe that by the above problems, everyone can have gains and progress. At the same time, through firm mastery, these knowledge can be flexibly applied to the actual use of the product, so that the performance and effect of the pulverizer can be improved, and we will benefit from itself.

  In recent years, the attention of green environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned unprecedented, whether it is Ningde era, or AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing the concept of sustainable development. In the future, there is still an infinite challenge, but as a large-scale enterprise with social responsibility, ALPA powder technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.