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Airflow pulverizer safety operation procedures

  Battery powder, negative electrode material gas flow grinding, has excellent plastic ability, excellent finished particle shape, can obtain ball type (potato-shaped) particles. The particle size distribution is narrow and the finished product has a high density. Mechanical ultrafine pulverizer, low pulverization, the finished product can reach 75% -95%. The inside of the device can be inner lining the wear resistant material, the finished product is purified, and the equipment is small. Airflow classifier, using variable frequency adjustment, can be adjusted between 0.5UM-100UM. The equipment is running stable, and there is no difference and variation in continuous boot for a long time. Full enclosed negative pressure, automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.

  The safety operation procedure of the airflow pulverizer has not been introduced, so it is still necessary to learn and understand. Not only because it is important to the airflow pulverizer, but also on the road to the learning airflow mill, this is necessary to master, otherwise it is not possible to fully understand the gas current crusher. Let's take the introduction of specific content.

  The safety operation procedure of the airflow pulverizer has:

  (1) Capable all lines, electrical components, etc. of the airflow pulverizer, can it be normal work.(2) Whether the machine is grounded, so that the housing is powered and there is a risk of electric shock.

  (3) Whether the machine spindle has a card death, if it should be handled in time. (4) The machine has an abnormal situation during operation, and if there is a stop check immediately.

  (5) Check the blade, is tightened, whether the blade gap can reach the specified standard.

  (6) Before using the pulverizer, check the working room is enough or slidable, if it should be removed in time. (7) After the pulverizer is running normally, it can begin to start the feed.

  (8) The pulverizer should stop the feed before stopping. When the machine is completely discharged, it can be stopped. (9) The feed should be uniform and cannot be excessive to avoid increasing the burden on the machine.

  (10) The airflow pulverizer cannot be cleaned, maintenance, etc. during operation. Quality Miles are AlPa Powder TechnologyGive back to the country's 10,000 customers who have been favored by AlPA brands. For many years, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to the "service value-added, shared value" commitment, leaping thousands of mountains, walking through the motherland, north, north, unhappy, only for the first line of customers, communicating with customers, and establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers . The event not only improved the customer satisfaction of the ALPA brand, but also consolidated the status of airflow crusher products produced in Alpa production in the national market.