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What are the characteristics of working principles and performance of airflow pulverizer?

  The cosmetics contain a large amount of solid powder, such as titanium powder, calcium carbonate, gas flow wear technology to manufacture high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, can improve powder structure, greatly improve the performance of powder performance and product quality.

  The application of airflow pulverizer is very broad, in chemical, minerals, metallurgical, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, etc., can see its figure, so we need to be smashed with gas flow Machine understands that it can be used correctly in the future, better for us.

  The application range of airflow pulverizer is wide, generally, may have the following:

  (1) Diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. Crushing;

  (2) Ceramic color, pharmaceutical, PVC contour, high purity or low temperature requirements of low temperature requirements.

  1. Working principle

  The working principle of the airflow pulverizer is: the compressed air is dried, and the pulverizing cavity is entered through the nozzle in the drying. In the pulverized cavity, the material can be pulverized by a high pressure gas stream. Thereafter, the crude material can be separated from the centrifugal force generated by the grading turbine. Particles required to granularize the granularity are entered into the cyclone and the dust collector, and the particles collected, and the particles that do not meet the requirements continue to be pulverized.

  2. Performance Characteristics

  The performance characteristics of the airflow pulverizer, mainly these points, for:

  (1) Interior The grading device can be adjusted to the product particle size, the pulverized particle size is good, and the particle size distribution is narrow.(2) can be used in series with the multi-stage classifier, so that multiple particle size sections can be formed simultaneously.

  (3) The equipment is very convenient and easy to clean, and there is no dead angle on the inner wall, so it can be cleaned thoroughly. (4) is a closed operation, which makes the operating noise and reduces the generation of dust, and environmentally friendly.

  (5) Control system is simple and safe and reliable.

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