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Crusher operation considerations

  The critical speed of the temperature of the air flow grinding is 320m / s. When the temperature rises to 480 degrees, the kinetic energy is also in short increase of 150%, so it can improve the work and temperature is also very advantageous. Improve our crushing effect. Depending on the pressure of the work quality is the main parameters that generate jet or airflow, it is also the main parameters affecting the fineness of the pulverization.What are the precautions when the crusher does it? Shandong Erfai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the following operations, and sharing.

  1. Operators should read this instruction manual, familiar with the performance, structure, and use of this machine, and install debugging, use and maintenance according to the provisions of this specification. 2, must be strictly selected by the spindle speed of various types of crushers, warning: It is strictly forbidden to improve the speed of the spindle.

  3, the pulverized material should remove hard objects such as wires and stones. Note: Before the feed is prevented, it will cause damage to the screen, hammer and other parts.

  4, when the operator feeds, it should stand on the side of the feeding port, preventing hard objects to fly from the feed mouth, warning: Iron rods, wooden sticks Pumping, not allowing the hand to extend into the warning line of the feeding port, sometimes the material is large, and the material can be pushed into the crushing chamber of the crusher with a hard crop straw. 5, when working, pay attention to the bearing temperature cannot exceed 55 ° C, if there is overheating phenomenon, stop checking immediately, so as not to burn bad bearings, spindles, etc.

  6, should clean up the materials in the assembly bag in time, otherwise it will affect the production efficiency. 7. Adjusting the changing hammer, hammer or triangle, the case should be opened to clean the crushing chamber. Note: The power must be disconnected to ensure safety.

  8. When the open-air operation is completed, it must be cleaned up within the machine group, and the components such as anti-screening should be rusty and must be waterproof. 9. The age of 6 years of age and more than 55 years old and those who don't know this unit cannot work separately.

  10, should avoid using a fake hammer, preventing the vibration caused by the imbalance of the rotor damage to the machine's service life, in order toExtend the life of the whole machine. Be sure to use the various parts produced by our factory. 11. If there is a failure, the power is turned off, and after the machine stops running, it will be maintained, warned: When the machine is running, the body should be locked, it is strictly forbidden to open.

  12. After the wine is strictly forbidden, the disease is ill, and the fatigue is working separately. 13, machine work should be equipped with belt protective cover to prevent human safety.

  14. Check whether the components are fastened, after work, after the operation, the machine works for 200 hours, and the wear of the rotor, hammer, the blade or blades should be checked. Note: If there is a crack and abnormal wear, there is a severe wear, it should be replaced immediately, so as to avoid serious damage to the machine and personal injury and death.

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