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What are the characteristics of the ultrafine pulverizer?

  The ultra-fine pulverization technology of airflow is almost used in many areas of agricultural products, food, health food, cosmetics, seasonings, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is expected that this century will have a greater faster development in the following.What are the characteristics of the ultrafine pulverizer? Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the five characteristics of the ultrafine pulverizer, summarizing the following:

  1 Adopt the use of medical allowable stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements, the production process is completely closed, no dust overflow, material loss loss.

  2, the pulverization temperature is low - no cooling system in continuous operation, the powder temperature produced will never exceed 50 degrees. For customers with special requirements, we can configure a low temperature system, minimum temperature can reach minus 35 degrees. 3, which materials for any fiber, high toughness, high hardness or a certain water rate can be applied; for pollen or other spore plants, it is required to break the material of the cell wall, and its broken wall rate can reach 95%

  4, water, alcohol or other liquids can be added to mildly pulverization, or the gas is protected by gas. 5, the pulverization rate is 100%, almost no loss.

  The machining target of the ultrafine pulverizer is adaptable, and the various Chinese medicines that have different types of multi-door, multi-varieties, characteristics, different differentials; animal medicines, minerals, toughness, brittle High hardness, low hardness, large fiber, high oil content, high sugar content, etc., can be smashed into the cell grade micropowder after cooperating with a certain process measures.

  Currently, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things have been used in various fields, AlPa Powder Technology as a industrial powder equipment manufacturer that always adheres to technological innovation, in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things I have also explored in terms of application.